About Gydja Collection

Sigrun Lilja GuðjónsdóttirGydja Collection (pronounced: "gith-e-ya") is an Icelandic fashion label established in 2007 by Sigrún Lilja Guðjónsdóttir. We strive to inspire people from around the world, using the energy which resides in the Icelandic nature.

The Woman behind the brand is Sigrun Lilja Gudjonsdottir. She is the Founder, CEO and Head Designer at Gydja. Lately, her name as an entrepreneur and designer has been rising worldwide. Her family runs a promotional product company, called Tanni, to which Sigrun Lilja credits to her business acumen through first hand operations and marketing experience. Sigrun Lilja co-authored in a book called The Next Big Thing that was published in the US and worldwide in March, 2011. The books features forward thinking trends to help entrepreneurs and business people dominate the new economy. Sigrun contributed a chapter titled "Brand Marketing - The Gydja Collection." On the day of release, the book reached best-seller status on Amazon, making Sigrun Lilja a best-selling author.


The Collections

Gydja Collection
Gydja Collection thrives to create wearable accessories for women that aren´t afraid to express their strength and indivituality. In the collection from Gydja you will find unique eco friendly Icelandic fish skin and beautiful Swarovski Crystals. The shoes and accessories are all handmade in Turkey making the quality extraordinary for each and every piece.

Lilja Collection
Lilja Collection is a fast forward and upfront fashion label for the it-girl and the fashion lover that has a great sense for fashion, uniqueness and quality.


The Fragrances

Gydja specializes in exotic fragrances inspired by Icelandic nature. Our fragrances are made with pure glacial water from Icelandic glaciers and with every bottle come a small lava stone from an recently erupted Icelandic volcano, making each bottle unique.


EFJ Eyjafjallajokull by Gydja is a spicy, light and fresh Eau de Parfum for women with hints of citrus, vanilla, roses and bergamot.
The perfume for her is made with pure glacial water from Eyjafjallajökull and lava stone from the last eruption is wrapped around the bottle neck. Icelanders believe the volcano is surrounded by a mystical energy built up through millions of years. When the volcano erupts, the glacier and the lava meet in an extraordinary nature phenomenon. Embrace the energy from this amazing volcano in every single drop.

VJK Vatnajokull by Gydja is a spicy, light and fresh Eau de Parfum for men with hints of citrus, jasmine, white musk and cashmere wood.
The fragrance for him is made with pure glacial water from the largest glacier in Europe, Vatnajökull and a lava stone from the last eruption is wrapped around the bottle neck. The fragrance enables men all over the world to grasp the powerful energy that Vatnajökull holds.